Electronic government services

Muqeem services

Muqeem services allows institutions to connect to the database of the General Directorate of Passports and access the latest information and proceedings of its resident employees at any time.

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Tamm Service

Tamm Service allows both the private and public sectors to be directly connected with the Traffic Department’s systems to access services and see up-to-date information offered by the department at any instant for all the vehicles owned by the institution.

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Shomoos is one of the most important security services in Saudi Arabia that facilitates the exchange of information between the private sector and beneficiaries from the security sector.

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Masarat” is an advanced cloud-based electronic service that is used to improve fleet management. This service enables users to monitor vehicles and locate their geographic location. Masart also integrates both Tamm and Shomoos services to issue driving authorizations and to supply any required information.

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Business solution


Sap offers programs for planning enterprise resources which are considered to be the best programs for enterprise management and business solutions. Sap business one is an optimal program for business management.

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Oracle Database is a multi-model database management system. It is the world's most popular database for running online transaction processing, data warehousing and mixed database workloads.

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Microsoft Dynamics

Simple to use and efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that can deliver value faster, drive user involvement and innovation across the organization.

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Get the best consulting solution through our Amazon Consulting Partnership to deploy variety of ready hosted cloud solutions through Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

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Take control of your Human Resources department through our dedicated Human Capital Management solution (SmartHCM). Contact us today for demonstration

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Network solutions

Bnood is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia specializing in designing and structuring computer ,internet and communication networks . Bnood also manages networks and provides technical support in terms of annual contracts. The company prioritizes preventive maintenance to extend the useful lifecycle for all the equipment.


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